Nina Mickelsen

Nina Mickelsen “Beautiful Imperfections” January 30-February 28, 2019

As a native of Finland, Nina Mickelsen’s work is influenced by Nordic design: bright colors, bold shapes, crisp, strong lines.  She creates vibrant large-scale paintings with precision and complexity. Mickelsen says, “Somewhat unexpectedly, art led me on a journey of self-discovery”.  She studied graphic design, print-making and painting at the Corcoran School of Art and Design and George Washington University.

The use of color is important and energizing.  For this show, the walls will be layered with screen-printed art on canvas, linen and wood board.  The artist is able to create art with multiple transparent layers, adding shadows and impactful depth.  Her work is uniquely her own. She says, “I tend to explore the juxtaposition of controlled shapes and natural free strokes.  For me it is the eternal dialogue between discipline and abandon or the breaking of perfection”.